Friday, September 17, 2010

2 Month Shots@ 12 Weeks old

Mya had her first set of shots yesterday. Katie's friend Amanda at Pediatric Specialists was the one to administer it. She got two shots in her legs and an oral vaccine. I cried more than she did. She broke my heart because she let out a "What the heck are you doing? That f*** hurts!" kind of cry. Once she was done, Bobby took her up in his arms and rocked her. We gave her a bottle immediately and she already forgot what happened to her. That night we gave her a soothing bath and massaged her legs. I took off the band aids in the water and was surprised to see so much blood on them. Usually when adults get shots we rarely bleed, but I guess a baby has less skin, so the needle is probably huge (I wouldn't know, I couldn't watch the shot being given...I know I'm a chicken ). She slept 11 1/2 hours last night and 10 hours the night before ( a row!) She has been sleeping alot, so I imagine she is going through a growth spurt and may be tired from the shots too. Mya now weighs 11 lb 6 oz and is 24" long. She is in the 90th percentile for her height and the 75th for her weight. She turned 12 weeks old on Thursday and next Friday she will be 3 months old! She is already growing out of several 0-3 month PJ's and outfits, specifically because of her length!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big Week!

Mya had a really huge week! She is now 11 weeks old, but this week she went to a restaurant for the very first time for lunch. She slept over her Aunt Sarah's on Wednesday Sept 8th while Bobby & I attended the Pasco Economic Development Council's Award Banquet. We are excited to report that Progressive Air Systems won the Service & Distribution category! We had some tough competition and we are very proud of this award. Mya did wonderful at Aunt Sarah's, she slept 10 1/2 it was her first time sleeping thru the night. Bobby and I were going to stay at Saddlebrook, but we decided to come home early. We passed by Sarah's around 12:30am and the light was on. I went to sleep about 1am, but I was so nervous the entire time. I was in fear that Mya was screaming her head off and Sarah was just cursing our names and vowing to never watch her again.
The next night, was Bobby's 33rd B-day and we went out to lunch at Olive Garden with Grandpa Joe and Mya was wonderful in the restaurant. She didn't fuss at all. She slept in her cradle next to my bed and only slept 7 hours and woke up for a feeding, which was pretty typical.
Last night, Mya slept in her own room in her crib for the first time over night. She slept all the way through from 8:30pm-7am, so about 10 1/2 hours! We went out to Chilis with Katie, Travis, Joe, Jason & Mateo. She was so good! We were there from 6pm-8pm. Her bedtime routine usually starts at 7pm. We gave Mya a bath, fed her and put her to sleep in her own room. It went very well. I woke up at 4:30am and 6:30 am to check on her and she was so still. I had to listen very carefully to hear her tiny breaths. Since it went well, we transferred everything of hers out of our bedroom and she is now completely moved into her room. Hopefully she will sleep through the night tonight as well. She had a really good day with a 1 hr nap, a 3hr nap & a 30 min nap. Hopefully, this will set the tone for the next few weeks. She is currently taking about 3-5oz of Formula. I have started making a couple of 5 oz bottles for when we think she has gone a long while and will take it. Next week Mya will be getting her 1st set of we are very nervous. Hopefully it won't be a big deal to her and she will just sleep it off. I will keep you posted.