Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 Months Old

Mya is already 2 months old! She can hold her head up pretty well and can stand up with assistance. Today she stood up in her Whale Bath Tub (while I'm holding her) but it scared me because she's so slippery. We have learned that Mya is very opinionated and when she wants something, she wants it now! She loves to be held and hates being put down. She loves cuddling and playing on her pink mat. After she finishes her bottle she is all smiles. She Coos and stares up at the fans. She sticks out her tongue and she seems to be drooling alot more.

I've had to retire most of Mya's newborn clothes. Last week (Aug. 16-20th) I took all of her newborn clothes and put them away for the next baby. She is now wearing between 0-3 months, but not all of them fit. Some are still way too big and a few seem too small. Mya seems like she is getting longer and longer. She weighs about 10lbs unofficially. She doesn't see her Pediatrician until Sept. for her first set of shots. Mya is consistently drinking 4 oz of formula and occasionally 5 oz in the late night hours. Mya has also been sleeping between 5-7 hours at night! She even slept 8 hr 15 minutes one night and it scared me because I kept expecting her to wake up, so I kept checking on her to make sure she is breathing...

Aunt Sarah is doing a fantastic job watching Mya while I go to work. Everyday Mya gets to walk her cousin Logan to Kindergarten and she does tummy time with Sarah. It is a blessing to have family so close by and willing to watch her. I had my Post Par tum check up on Monday, Aug 23rd and have been released. My C-Section cut has healed nicely so I'm ok to exercise regularly. So far everything seems to being going much better. Mya is always surprising me and I love her more and more each day.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st Week Back to Work

Wow! What a week it's been. Monday, August 9th was my first day back to work at Progressive Air Systems. I'm currently working about 6 hours per day=30 per week. I cried when I dropped Mya off at Aunt Sarah's...actually back up, I started to cry the week before I dropped her off. I had so many fears and feelings of sadness leading up to that Monday morning. I have so many things to be thankful for, first of all...Sarah is a wonderful mother and she made me feel comfortable about dropping my first born off to her. I still cried, but once I got into work I felt better and being busy and feeling needed definitely helped. Bobby has been very helpful in helping me take care of her and get myself ready for work. I usually drop Mya off at Sarah's by 8:45am and Bobby goes to sleep about 8am. Currently he works the 3rd shift and comes home to check on us frequently. He is trying to stay up when he is home and take care of Mya so I can get some sleep. It's been great because I've been able to work out a couple of times in the morning before she wakes up.

Mya is 7 weeks old today. She seems to be doing very well over at Sarah's. Sarah says she is enjoying Mya and is happy to watch her. She is doing us a huge favor! Mya still eats about the same and manages to give me about 5-6 hours of sleep when she is first put down followed by shorter 3-4 hour naps. She is extremely fussy around 6-7pm, which happens to be when I am trying to get her to go down for the night. Sometimes I have to give her gripe water to calm her down and I hate doing it, but thankfully most of the time it works and she relaxes a bit. I hope that she grows out of this phase soon.

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Born Photos by Rebecca Brittian

6 Weeks Old

Mya is 6 weeks old now! She weighs close to 9lbs and she enjoys eating about 4 oz of formula every 2-4 hours. At night she sleeps between 4-6 hours and during the day we wake her about every 2-2 1/2 hours for feedings. We ran errands this week as Mya got to visit the US Post office, our bank, and Progressive Air Systems. We visited Mya's Great Grandma Judy at her house for a while. Grandma got to feed Mya and spend the quality time with her. She also met Maria Richards, my hair dresser, and Maria's sons: Dylan & Dean this week. My mom came over yesterday and spent a few hours with her Granddaughter. My mom helped Bobby give Mya a bath while I attended my JSL Board meeting. Mya seems very content, but things are about to change (again). This past week Bobby went back to work and I managed the night feedings on my own, needless to say, I was exhausted in the am. This coming week, I will be going back to work and Mya will be watched by her Aunt/my sister-in-law Sarah. Sarah is very excited to be taking care of Mya. I am ready to get into the impending routine. It has been really nice to be off on maternity leave for 6 weeks. I've enjoyed "almost" every moment spending time with my family, getting to know our daughter and rekindling my relationship with Bobby.