Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mya's 1 Month Old! Time is Flying

It's hard to believe that yesterday Mya turned 1 month old. She is growing up so fast and time is flying. Bobby goes back to work in a week and I will start shortly after him. We have been enjoying our time off together. It has really brought us closer as a family.

Mya has had a very very busy week. On Sunday, Brian and Jolene came over and had dinner with us. They got to meet Mya for the first time. It was really nice to see them and spend some time catching up with them.

On Monday, she visited Progressive Air Systems and got to meet all the girls in the office, as well as her cousin Brittani, Uncle Bill, and many other Progressive Air Employees. We also took her to Toys R Us for the first time, so it was her first official shopping trip.

Tuesday we visited Jason, Melissa and Mateo Marques at their home. Jason cooked us a delicious meal...chicken piccatta, so yummy. This was the first time Mateo got to hold Mya and he sang to her as well, it was so cute.

Wednesday, my mom came over and watched Mya for the second time. Bobby and I went on a "real date" just the two of us. It was strange not having the baby with us as we ventured out. We went to sprint because our new black berries arrived and we had to transfer our contacts over and then we saw the movie Eclipse. We missed Mya so much, we never went out to dinner...we'll have to work our way up to that.

Friday, Mya attended her 1st Trinity Rotary meeting and she made an awesome impression. We had a visit from the new District Governor and her husband as well as some past district Governor's. It was wonderful, Mya was on her best behavior and everyone loved meeting her. She was even flirting with Dr. Hassell. I was so proud of her.

Mya seems more alert and she is holding her head up longer. Also, when we do a few minutes of tummy time, she picks up her head and moves it side to side. She also tries to get her knees under to be a crawler lol. Today, she deliberately batted at a toy when playing on her mat. She makes great eye contact and smiles sometimes. As far as sleeping's hit or miss. Sometimes she'll sleep a 4 hour stretch and sometimes it's only 2 hours. However, she did sleep a 5 hour stretch the other night and it was wonderful! This morning/last night was not that pleasant, as she only slept 2 hours the first session, followed by 4 hours, followed by only 2 hours. So needless to say we were up quite early this Sunday morning. Hopefully she will sleep longer soon. Preferably by the time I go back to work :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 Week Birthday

It's hard to believe that Mya is 3 weeks old today! Time is really flying by and she is changing so much so fast. This week we had a visit from Grandma Lori and Aunt Chrissy from IL. It was nice to have them down to visit and share some tips with us. Mya had another visit at the Pediatrician and she gained 7 oz, so she now weighs 7lb 7oz. She has a blocked tear duct in her left eye, so we have to massage it regularly. Hopefully it will unclog on it's own. Our next pediatrician visit isn't until September where she will receive her first set of vaccines.

Mya has been doing very well on the formula change. She is taking about 3 oz every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. At night she has been sleeping for about 3-4 hours, so Bobby and I are extremely happy! She is still not a good day time napper, but we still try to get her to nap so she's not such a crabby butt. Mya had her first real bath and it was given by Aunt Chrissy who is a NICU Nurse in IL and has 3 children. She taught Bobby and I how to really soap her up and get her clean. Mya hated the bath of coarse, but smelled wonderful afterwards. Hopefully she will like it soon.

Bobby and I got to go out to dinner with the family on July 13th. My mom watched Mya and it was the first time we left her alone with someone. Bobby and I were both a bit nervous, not because Grandma was watching her, but because it was the first time we'd been away. We went to Hooters with Aunt Chrissy, Aunt Katie, Travis and Grandma Lori. We were only gone for an 1 1/2, because we missed her so much.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mya's 2 Week B-day

Mya is now 2 weeks old and weigh 7lbs! Bobby and I are adjusting slowly to parenthood. Lately Mya has not been taking naps during the day and she is extremely fussy. I think she is getting over tired and nothing we do can console her. Thankfully this does occur during the day and in the evening we add some Gripe Water to her bottle and she is calm and sleeps well for a couple of hours between feedings. We took Mya to the pediatrician yesterday to verify that there was nothing wrong health-wise and the doc switched her formula to a hypo-allergic one. We are testing to see if she not sleeping because she is extremely gassy. Which is true, we have found that she is very gassy and this may be why she is not sleeping well. She eats great though...about every 2-3 hours she'll take 2-3oz. She's only been on the new formula for 1 day (Similac Ailmentum) which is very expensive, but if it works we'll pay whatever to keep her happy and healthy. Yesterday she was so tired she fell asleep on my chest. It was adorable and I loved every moment of it, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the formula change will work.

Tuesday we had our newborn photo shoot with Belle, Bobby, Mya and me in Largo. It started out kind of rocky. Mya was inconsolable, but we added some gripe water her bottle and she calmed down. We had a very enjoyable time. Belle was on her best behavior too. Mya peed on her, she was in the buff for the photo shoot and it was a 50/50 shot it would be me or him. Luckily it wasn't me :) The photos should be ready to preview on Saturday.

I had my 2 week post C-Section OB visit. Dr. Marks says all is looking well and I should still continue to take it easy at least for another 2 weeks. I've lost 23 lbs so far of the 56 I put on. I'm due to see my mid wife mid August for my final post-partum visit. Hopefully all will go well and I will be able to drop the rest of this baby weight.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mya's 1st Week

It's hard to believe that Mya has already been with us for one week! Bobby and I are completely in love with her and that bond strengthens everyday. We are sleep deprived, but have never been happier. It's amazing how a day can just fly past you and you feel like you really never got anything done. I have so much respect for parents, it is a culture shock! We seem to be adjusting a little better each day as we learn and try to give Mya what she needs. Our pediatric visit went well. We had a touch of jaundice, so when we saw Dr. Hernandez on Monday she asked us to come back on Thursday. On Thursday's visit (Mya's 1 week birthday) she had gained 6oz and was almost to her birth weight! Her jaundice was virtually gone and Dr. Hernandez was very pleased with Mya's progress. We are very thankful to have a healthy and for the most part "happy" baby.