Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Already showing personality

So we've had an interesting couple of days....yesterday we were scheduled to have our 4D ultra sound at Excel Imaging, however our daughter did not want to cooperate. She kept her hands over her face the entire time despite me moving around, the tech shaking my belly and the mini-sugar rush I tried to give her with a pop tart. Thankfully we are rescheduled for Friday! Hopefully Mya works with us and we can see you cute little face. I will post pics if it works out. Please keep your fingers crossed.
My Doctor's appt went very well today. I met another dr...Dr. Patel and I really like her, she seems really easy going and very sweet. I only have one more Dr to meet (the token male) and then I will have seen everyone at the practice. My results came back from my glucose and iron test and I passed both! Thank God I do not have to take the 3-hour Glucose Test and thankfully I do not need iron supplements! Dr. Patel said I was the only one this week that she had results for that passed both (So that was nice to hear). Everything else was good...low blood pressure etc. The only negative thing she said was to watch the weight.....blah blah blah.
I can't help it, lately I've been starving and I'm not kidding. Bobby is sometimes afraid for his life if I don't have a snack when one of these fits come along. I think he will be more prepared from now on, when I ask for french fries...I think I will get french fries lol ; )

Monday, April 12, 2010


Bobby & I just got home from our mini-babymoon in Siesta Key. We had such a lovely time. We booked everything last minute, but it worked out great! We got some amazing deals, even with it being Spring Break. We stayed at the Tropical Sun Resort by Crescent Beach! Our room was amazing, large King bed, flat screen TV, full kitchen and a jacuzzi tub! It was perfect. We arrived on Saturday morning, to a beautiful day....we played in the pool, ate pizza from a local pizzeria, and played on the beach. We went to dinner at the Hub on Saturday night and Bella Roma on Sunday in the Siesta Key Village. Enjoyed ice cream from Olaf's. On Sunday, when the weather wasn't as perfect, we went shopping at the Ellenton Outlet mall and picked Mya out some cute outfits. In the afternoon, we walked the beach and played in the pool again. We even saw a wedding party taking photos! It was nice! It was a very romantic weekend! I highly recommend taking a babymoon....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

6 months Pregnant

Wow! I've grown a lot this last month! I'm finally in the final trimester and am very excited!. Bobby and I have decided on our daughter's name: Mya Noelle Rogers! We can't wait to meet Mya! She is moving around in the evening especially after dinner. Bobby has been working hard on her nursery and we are expecting carpet in the next couple of weeks.

6 months Pregnant -Entering into 7 mo/Final Trimester

I am now 28 weeks along and had my glucose test today. I actually did pretty well with it and the sugary drink was very sweet (it kind of hurt my teeth) but I chugged it. After about an hour they draw your blood and this is where I usually have the difficulty. Thank God for a great nurse, she was so fast that I barely knew I had a needle in my arm. The glucose tests lets the Dr know if I have high blood sugar and need to take the 3 hour Glucose test (which I hear is horrible). The reason for the tests are to ensure that I don't have Gestational Diabetes which sometimes can occur in pregnancy. I hopefully passed this test and should find out in a few days if I didn't. Keep your fingers crossed because I really don't want to go thought the 3 hour test. However, I've read that between 15-23% of pregnant women fail this test and need to take the 3 hour test to confirm.

I am now seeing the Dr. every 2 weeks and she said the baby sounded great. She took measurements, but I can't recall what she said (pregnancy memory, lol). I've gained some more weight and was given the talk, so I will have to be a little better behaved and maybe add a little more exercise to my life. Kudos to Bobby who did not rat me out, since he knows my everyday diet and has been there during my splurges :) Thanks honey! My next Dr. appt is on the 21st and our 4D ultra sound is on the 20th! We will post photos.