Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10-12 months

Sorry for the HUGE delay in updates...time has been really flying by as Mya has been progressing. At her last 12 month check up she weighs in at 19 lb 12 oz and is 30 1/2 " tall. She is in the 90th percentile for height & 30th for weight. She seems to be very happy and really starting to get going into toddler hood.

Mya eats pretty much everything we do, just cut up into small pieces. She takes a few steps here and there, but isn't quite walking yet. She loves playing with helium balloons and some of her new birthday toys like ride along and blocks. She loves to swim and she was just in the Gulf of Mexico for the first time this 4th of July weekend. She babbles and says Mamma, Dadda, Dog. Mya shakes her head no, claps her hands and we are trying to teach her High 5. She has 7 front teeth and a back molar coming in. It is so much fun spending time with her and playing with her. We love going for long walks in her wagon and swinging in her swing.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mya -8 & 9 mo pics

8 & 9 month milestones

Mya is now 9 months old, but since I last posted so much has happened. Mya now crawls, pulls herself up and has 3 teethe. She has two coming in on the bottom and one in the top coming through. In February, she went to Clearwater beach for the first time and went to Frenchies & Pier 60. Towards the end of February we went to the beach and actually put our swimsuit on for Fred Howard Beach. Mya played in the sand and ate some of it too. Mya started crawling on Feb. 25th, 1 day after turning 8 mo old. Two weeks later we found Mya standing in her crib and since then she started pulling herself up. She started doing that March 10th. Since Mya has become so mobile, we have child proofed the entire house with safe zones. We also had to drop her crib down to the bottom so she couldn't climb out of it. Mya attended her first Strawberry Festival in Plant City and enjoyed strawberry shortcake for the first time. Mya was in her first parade on March 26th for the Chasco Street parade. Mya loves to explore, watch the Mickey Mouse Club & Sponge Bob Square pants. She enjoys eating chicken & sweet potatoes and likes fruits now too. She is just starting to figure out finger food as we have started to introduce Gerber puffs. She also likes to chase the cats and cling to the dog. Belle is wonderful with her, so we feel very lucky....the cats just run when they see her. I have attached some pictures and a video. Her 9 mo check up is next Thursday where we will see how much she has grown.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 2011 & 7 Months Old

Mya had a very exciting January as she began rolling all over the place. She enjoys sleeping on her belly and she can sit independently. She rides in shopping carts, swings in bucket swing at the park and sits at restaurants in high chairs. She also started sitting in her high chair regularly. She eats solid food 3-4 times per day. She loves carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash. She also enjoys wheat cereal with applesauce. So far, she's not a fan of any fruits and we have not given her any meat, which I doubt she will like. Mya may not love sugar because I over indulged with ice cream when I was pregnant with her. I'm not really sure why she doesn't have a sweet tooth yet, but I'm sure it's a good thing.

Bobby & I are very happy because at Mya's 6 mo check up we were given permission to change her formula from Alimentum (very expensive formula) to similac Advanced (regular formula). This is going to save us a bundle! We changed her over successfully towards the end of the month. Also, at her 6 month check up, she weighed in at 16 pounds and was 27 1/4" tall. 16 lbs put her in the 55th percentile, but her height put her in the 90th percentile. Mya attended her first baby shower and she loved playing with a balloon. On my birthday, she had her first taste of cake, which she didn't seem to like too much. She cut her first tooth on Jan 31st on the bottom. She is doing very well for being uncomfortable. This month we also changed her over from an infant car seat to a convertible car seat since she's so long and becoming such a big girl. She loves sitting on the floor and emptying out a basket of her toys. She enjoys playing with her Pal Violet (a leapfrog toy) and still enjoys jumping in her jumper.