Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home and Adjusting well

Bobby and I got home yesterday with Mya. We were in the hospital for about 3 days. It is so nice to be home and we are trying to adjust. Our biggest hurdle is the lack of sleep. We are definately working well as a team with diapers and feeding, but with only a couple of hours in between it can wear on you. We were definitely warned, but I truly believe there is really no way to prepare for this. We have so much respect for all of the parents out there. It is such a HUGE transition, but we are very blessed to have close family and friends for support. Thank you to everyone who has offered or given assistance so far. We really appreciate it.

Mya's Birth Story-pretty detailed

I had my 2nd Dr. appt that morning because the dr was monitoring my high blood pressure. I had officially taken my maternity leave from work, so it was Wed. June 23rd and my dr. said we would look at inducing if Mya had decided not to come by her due date (mostly she was concerned about my blood pressure.). I decided to have lunch when I got home and then take a nap. Well by the end of my nap, I felt an urge to pee....well it wasn't water broke between 2:30-3pm. I laid in bed contemplating if it was water or pee....I didn't want to be one of those crazy women who went in because I peed my pants. Once I decided that I wasn't sure if it was my water, I went over to Bobby who was in our office and let him know. He got excited and urged me to call the dr., so I called my OB and they had me go to the hospital to verify. By this time, I was pretty confident it was my water since it kept coming out when I moved around. We took our time getting to the hospital since I wasn't in any pain. Once we got there, they checked with a strip that turned blue and confirmed it was my water that broke. I was now admitted and not leaving the hospital without a baby.

Once admitted into my room, the nurse blew 2 of my veins trying to get the IV in. Most of you know that I'm a baby when it comes to needles, so I was very unhappy about this. Since it was shift change my new nurse, Michelle took a look at my arms and decided to have another RN, Allison put in the IV. She was a life savor, since she only blew one vein and got it in on the 2nd try. She was amazing since she numbed me up first and was very reassuring.

My mom arrived during the IV process and my brother and his wife arrived soon after. They kept me company as my contractions got more severe. Each took turns massaging my back, since I felt most of the pain in my lower back and in my lower abdomin. I tried walking around a bit to help labor progress, but by 8:30pm I had had enough. I was dilated to over a 4 and requested my epidural. My midwife wanted to check me first thought, so I had to wait for her to arrive. She didn't get there until 10pm and I must say I was pretty upset. Labor hurts like hell!

Once the "candy man" came and administered my epidural things got so much better. Bobby was wonderful while he was putting it in, but he got a little woozy and had to sit down. He probably shouldn't have looked at the needle....Thankfully the nurse realized that Bobby was turning white and had him sit down with his head between his knees. Bobby was fine once he had some food in him and I was a much happier person once I couldn't feel the contractions.

My family left around 10:30pm so we could get some sleep before active labor. Bobby and I napped until maybe 1-1:30am and then about 6 nurses came in abruptly. Talking to each other, moving me around, I had oxygen on and was starting to panic. Michelle, my nurse was on the phone with my mid wife discussing the situation. The baby's heart beat was very low and hard to find. The nurses were working fast and then started to prep me for an Emergency C. Bobby was up and by my side, but we really didn't know what was going on, things were happening way too fast. My nurse was on the phone waking up my attending physician, Dr. Marks to come in for the C Section. Before I knew it they were rolling me into the OR, my mid wife was there being prepped and Bobby was sent off with someone to prep for surgery as well. Dr. Marks joined us and by then they had pumped me full of anesthesia. Mya's heart rate returned to normal, but it was too late...I became completely numb. Dr. Marks was kind enough to give me a chance to push. I was just about completely dilated and had regular contractions, unfortunately I couldn't feel anything. I decided that I wanted to try and they gave me an hour to hopefully become less numb. We pushed a few times, but Mya didn't like it and her heart rate began to drop, which led to the inevitable.

Thankfully they administered more anesthesia and I was given the C-section. It was scary and I felt a lot of tugging and pulling. At one time I felt a little nauseous, but that was when they were stitching me back up. Mya was born on June 24th at 3:04 am weighing 6.5lbs and was 19.5 inches long. She is very healthy! Bobby & I both were very surprised that we had to have a C section. Everything before 1:30am was progressing nicely. I had such a wonderful pregnancy, a natural labor with good contractions, but still ended up with a section. Bobby and I feel so blessed and although it did not happen as we had wanted, it worked out in the end. When they say expect the really means expect the unexpected. I am feeling pretty good and I commend the staff and my doctors who helped in our delivery at Mease Countryside. It is amazing how much love you feel so quickly. My friend Kat said, it's amazing how you come into the hospital a couple but you leave as a family....this is so true and a reason to go on living. I feel so blessed.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Still having high blood pressure

I had my doctors appointment today and will have to go back again on Wednesday. Good news, I'm dialated to a 3! Bad news...I still have high blood pressure and my cervix is still a little thick. Hopefully within the next two days I can relax or go into labor. If I don't change, she will probably try to induce me and I'm really trying to avoid that. I was hoping to go for a walk tonight, but it looks like it's going to storm. I will also be avoiding work, well tomorrow I plan on going in for a couple of hours to tie up loose ends, but then I will try to relax and take a nap or something. We'll see....keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So Far So Good or So they Say

Yesterday I had an appointment in Labor & Delivery to have my blood pressure monitored. They hooked me up on the monitor and took my bp every 15 minutes for an hour. My nurse, Staci, was awesome. She was very friendly and I hope she is there for me when I deliver. I liked her sense of humor and how kind she seemed to be. Anyways, my blood pressure was high (or the same as Thursday's Dr.'s appt) but as it was taken it dropped to a high normal, so I'm doing pretty good. Bobby jokes with me and said I'm getting myself all worked up for nothing. I was stressing that they would keep me hostage if my bp didn't return to normal. The baby seems to be handling everything really well, so they released me, Yah!. I still have to go in to my Dr. office on Monday, but hopefully it will still be fine. I really hope this baby comes this week! We are all ready at the house, except that my Washer broke and hopefully my father in law and husband can fix it. It would be very stressful to have a new baby with no washer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

38 weeks & Grounded...

I had my 38 week OB check up today and they have determined that my blood pressure is too high. I have been put on temporary bed rest and will have my bp checked on Saturday (I'm supposed to go to Labor & Delivery) to have them check it and then I am to see my midwife again on Monday for follow up. They are very strict and even drew blood to ensure I do not have toxemia. I was also put on the monitor for 15 minutes to make sure Mya was doing well. She is doing wonderful and I am progressing well. I am dilated 2 cm, 50% effaced and her head is at a -2 station. It appears we are moving in the right direction and hopefully (keeping my fingers crossed) Mya will come early.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

37 Week OB Visit

On Thursday, June 10th-I had my weekly OB check and all looked great! Next week they will officially check me out, but for now she did the usual and monitored the baby's heart beat and spoke to us about the signs of labor. Of coarse I've gained a little more weight....I'm up to 55 lbs! I'm not thrilled that I've gained that much weight, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I know it won't be too much longer when we finally get to meet our daughter and it makes it all worth it. It is definitely getting tougher being this far along in the pregnancy. I am always hot and sweaty, my palms and feet sweat and it drives me crazy. I have to sleep with the temp down to 70-72 and at work I have a large box fan blowing on me constantly. The plus side is that I am still working and will continue to work as long as I can. This helps because we need to have a steady pay check and it gives me something to do. I am so thankful I'm not on bed rest, I would go crazy! I have not dropped and I have braxton hicks contractions here and there, but nothing indicating that labor is on the way. On our to do list still is to prepare the car (put the car seat in), attend the breast feeding class on Monday and our next weekly check up is Thursday June 17th. We will keep you posted on our progress....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally 9 Months Pregnant!

Bobby and I are now 36 weeks pregnant and now 9 months along! We had a very busy baby day yesterday as I registered for my epidural, attended my weekly OB appointment, met our pediatrician and took a New Born Child Care class. My OB appointment went very well and if I go into labor at any time now, she will not stop it, so we can have Mya anytime now! Our nursery is almost complete. We have to hang up some shelves and do a few more odds and ends, but I will be posting pics very shortly. I will also post my monthly belly photo soon as well. We will keep you posted on our progress. My next weekly OB appt is June 10th.