Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Mya had a wonderful Christmas! She turned 6 months old on Christmas Eve. She enjoyed partaking in the family festivities at Bill's house. It was nice to catch up with the family and she enjoyed playing with her cousin Sophie. On Christmas day, she opened her gifts late afternoon as Bobby had worked the night before and was still sleeping in the morning. Santa brought Mya a Mickey Mouse Doll, Laugh & Learn toys, wearable blankets, books, clothes, pjs, and a Leap Frog toy named Violet. For dinner, we had prime rib, sweet potatoes, cole slaw and green beans for dinner. It was delicious! Joe & Katie prepared a wonderful meal.

In the last month, Mya has started eating solids again. She has had rice and oatmeal cereal. We are going to try wheat and barley cereal and then progress into fruits and veggies. She has started to sit up by herself for longer periods of time. Her attention span has grown and she enjoys watching the Mickey Mouse Club, playing with other children and laughing. Once we start laughing, she quickly joins in. She loves bouncing in her bouncer and walking in her walker. She is definetly defining her personatily, as she will let you know when she is not happy and wants something else. She is also quite the Daddy's girl :)

Just this weekend she has started holding a sippy cup and she will be taking a bath in the big tub instead of the whale tub. She started splashing and kicking all of the water out of the tub in the sink. We also started cleaning out her closet as she is takine 7 oz of formula at a time in addition to the cereal. She is growing by leaps and bounds.

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